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Business and CIvil Litigation

When people or companies sue each other in court regarding a dispute, it is referred to as civil litigation. Civil litigation matters are often hotly contested and many people feel unequipped to protect the things they are entitled to. This is where our firm comes in. At Terrence C. McAndrews, P.A., we don't let our clients go through a lawsuit alone.

We have over 25 years of experience and deliver the aggressive advocacy needed in such complex legal matters. Attorney McAndrews has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in civil litigation for each of the past five years

Maryland residents turn to us for a wide array of litigation. Whether it is a contract dispute, landlord and tenant issues, a personal injury case or a business or family disputes, we are your number one choice for competent representation. Whether this is your first lawsuit or your third, you can never be too prepared for what is at hand. Arm yourself with our aggressive representation.

You may be facing the loss of your home, your car, or even your bank account, but it doesn't have to be this way. There is hope for the future and it all begins by taking a proactive stand against your lawsuit. We work swiftly on behalf of our clients, always seeking to stay one step ahead of the opposing parties.

Don't let another day go by without securing dedicated legal representation.

We pay special attention to the needs of small businesses. Many small businesses are underrepresented in their legal matters. Areas such as contract formation, leases, wage and hour charges, contract disputes, and collection matters require skilled representation.   We also represent businesses in administrative hearings regarding claims from customers or government authorities.